Denver Architecture – Italian Villa at Ravenna

Italian Villa at Ravenna

Italian Villa at Ravenna

The area south of Chatfield Reservoir, and north of Roxborough State Park is home to impressive rock formations and equally impressive neighborhoods. Ravenna is a new development south of Waterton Rd, near Waterton Canyon. All of the homes in Ravenna are designed in an Italian style, this one in particular was built by Villagio homes. These shots are the builders entries for Custom Home of the Year. Taken over three days, these shots represent the best of the builder’s work, and I was proud to be part of the project. Hopefully, the images will help bring home the gold for Villagio. The home sits in the valley between two immense hills, with exposed rock providing privacy for the back yard and a grassy hill providing balance for the other side. The front of the home faces west, making for sunny mornings out back, and golden evenings out front.

The interior space is large but not cavernous, the kitchen blends perfectly into the living room, and the sunny breakfast area is top notch. The master bathroom has a distinct linear quality, the wood cabinets and accents provide warmth. The beautiful formal dining room is made even better with a temperature-controlled wine room and direct access to the enclosed courtyard. A small casita is perfect for visitors.

This home is beautiful without being too large. Combined with the stunning natural setting and the top notch landscaping, the home is a fantastic example of the best in Denver architecture.


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    What a beautiful photo of the Italian Villa at Ravenna. Would you mind contacting me in regards to using this picture as part of a painting am I currently doing? Many thanks for your time and consideration on this matter. sincerely tom
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