Aperture 2 Tutorials #1 – Importing and Organizing Photos

Aperture 2 can be a daunting program without any guidance. The following video is the first tutorial in a series designed to make using Aperture 2 easier to use. This video covers workflow from beginning to end, importing photos and getting organized.

Excerpt from the video:

  1. Create a folder called “dump folder” on your desktop. This is a permanent folder, you will use it to temporarily hold all new pictures until they are uploaded into an Aperture 2 Library.
  2. Create a folder with a name you would like to have for the project. We will call this folder “House Plant Photos.”
  3. Set Image Capture to import into the “dump folder.” Download Images.
  4. Drag the images from the “dump folder” into the project folder.
  5. Watch the video below to learn the rest!

Learn more about Data Management and Workflow with Aperture 2.

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